Policies & Privacy

Shipping & Returns 

Shipping and Returns policies on the wares sold here are set by the individual product suppliers, not by us. Given that some of these suppliers are international, it is possible that shipping to you may take up to several weeks, rather than being overnight or three-day.

Since we are attempting to direct our profits to a designated and active charity, it is desirable that returns be as infrequent as possible, and promptly initiated with the supplier directly upon receipt and discovery of physical damage, wrong item/size/color, etc, so that we can reconcile accounts before finalizing our donations. Returns not applicable, of course, to normal wear and tear, misuse, or accident.

Please check your received items carefully before use - and please let us know if you think that their quality is too unsatisfactory to deserve our curation and promotion. Our operating policy so far is to feature equivalent products to those you might buy elsewhere, but we do not want to be associated with shoddy wares.

Privacy & Communications

We do not collect or retain your personal information here for any other purposes than those of facilitating your order. If you would like to engage with the Consumer Power Initiative on social media or learn more at its website, the links are all provided on our homepage for opting-in.