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Magenta Danae

Glass Bottle Cutter (Cutting Tool Upgrade Version Square & Round Bottle)

Glass Bottle Cutter (Cutting Tool Upgrade Version Square & Round Bottle)

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How often have you looked at an empty wine or whiskey bottle and thought, ‘It's too pretty to throw away!' If only you had a way to cut it safely and easily, you could repurpose those bottles to create gorgeous vases, cache-pots, candleholders, and other household items.

With this sturdy bottle cutter by Randy & Travis Machinery, you can cut bottles of varying sizes to make whatever your creative mind can envision in only five steps. With a range of adjustability that varies from 6.5 centimetres to 16, you can cut any non-embossed bottle with ease. Simply place the bottle on the supports, print it and rotate, rotate again and draw a line, and then heat up the line over some boiling water. Dip the line in cold water three times, and the bottle will break into two, with smooth edges that you never have to worry about accidental cuts. It's the eco-friendly way to expand your creativity, create functional art, and create one-of-a-kind gifts your recipients will love. This bottle cutter makes the perfect gift for the crafters and DIYers in your life. The only limit on what you – or they – can create is their own imagination! Crafted from sturdy, durable stainless iron, it's built to last for years to come. Get yours today!

Features and specifications:
Material: Stainless iron
Colour: Black
Cutting length: 6.5 to 16cm
Cutting diameter: 1.2 cm to 6cm
Accessories: Hexagonal spanner
Eco-friendly craft and DIY choice
Makes a wonderful gift
Sturdy and durable – built to last
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